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Why Choose SHE

As a global brand, SHE Hair combines world-renowned hair extensions with the education and support to help you launch a successful extension business. Our twelve regional locations offer stylists immediate access to our product lines, educational opportunities and technical support.

Our innovative products set us apart in the extension industry. SHE Hair is proud to offer the highest quality hair available in a wide range of colors, textures and application techniques.

 Your extension education does not end with your certification – we offer additional opportunities to learn and grow as an extensionist. These include:

  • Advanced Coaching Classes
  • Refresher Classes
  • Color Rage Advanced Training Program
  • Marketing and Business Seminars
  • Unlimited Access to National Educators

 Read the following testimonial from one of our certified stylists:

"In this business you have to be more than just an artist, you have to be capable of achieving artistic design, balancing components of lifestyle with desired goals. You have to stand apart, creating timeless and unmatched beauty, creating fluid motion, within structure. We, as artists, are limited only by our own imagination, and the products we use. That's why I choose SHE Hair. They have unmatched excellence and hair quality that far exceeds expectation.

I have been in this business twenty years. I have seen products come and go. To stand apart, you need a product that will represent your fullest potential. It requires a team of individuals that together create a collective result.

To be a success you need a company that provides continuous education. There is no greater challenge in providing a service that stands apart in the industry without having the tools in which to perform. SHE Hair is committed to keeping their stylists educated in every aspect of the industry.

Customer service representatives go the extra mile in providing you a product that arrives on time, every time, no delays, ever. In the past, with another very well known company, I waited 3 1/2 weeks for hair to arrive, more than once. That is a disastrous wait, for you and your client. The customer support at SHE Hair is outstanding! They strive to provide answers, feedback, product, your every need, in a moment’s notice. Your success is their objective.

Color! SHE Hair offers 91 colors. This provides an endless palate of color combinations…more than any other extension product in the industry. Your client will not be able to discern between her color and the extension. More than that, SHE Hair also offers a variety of textures, straight, wavy and curly. Textures, colors, it's a fusion of endless possibilities.

The 'feel' of SHE Hair is amazing! It is luxurious. I knew the first time I held it in my hand that it was superior to any other brand.  I was blown away by its soft natural feel.  The first client I used the SHE Hair product on, after years of providing her extensions with the 'other' extension company asked me only one question, 'Why did you not switch to this product sooner? ' she continued with, 'I can't keep my hands out of my own hair, this is unbelievable! I LOVE it!'

My clients travel across the United States to see me, I have to provide an unmatched service, every time. SHE Hair is the only extension I will use. I have used other brands, nothing compares, nothing."



  Fort Mill (SC):  803.619.6782
  Slidell (LA):  985.781.5011
  1169 Robert Blvb. Suite G
  Slidell, LA 70458
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