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On Stage Beaded System

Meet the hair extensions you have been searching for! In the realm of hair extensions, our 100% natural remy hair extensions are that much-longed-for hair that you thought you’d never find.  The crème de la crème.  Our silky, breathtakingly beautiful hair is available in multiple lengths and textures, with a full palette of the most gorgeous hues.  But, as amazing as all of those irresistible colors and textures are, what truly sets our extensions apart is their innovative, damage-free design and customizable method of application.  Our gentle installation process is completely free of the drawbacks of other brands:  no messy glue, no damaging heat, no harmful solvents, no difficult-to-work-with tape, no complicated strings, no braiding!  

beaded flat wefts

what is a beaded flat weft?

Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions open a whole new era in the human hair weft and weave market. The unique integration of threading pockets in combination with the small beads makes this weft-based hair extension system the absolute pinnacle of perfection in its segment. The Beaded Flat Wefts are strong and tough yet soft and flexible, fast to apply and to remove while being reusable too.

cut to any width without shedding

Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions allow you to create a perfect customized fit for everybody. No more “one size fits all” or bulky double folded returns.  You can cut according to the prefixed cutting marks or cut your own customized width for a perfect fit every time. The Beaded Flat Weft has a cutting guide in each package to help you to make up a placement plan. The weft doesn’t fall apart or lose hair after you have cut it to size.

no damage, no glue, no tape, no heat, no braiding, no solvents, no string

None of the aforementioned materials and techniques are used to attach the Beaded Flat Weft to the natural hair. The technique is clean, straight forward and customizable for a perfect fit every time with only the Small Beads provided with each Beaded Flat Weft.

beaded strands

on stage beaded strands™

On Stage Beaded Strands are an innovation among hair extension systems.  These very small, soft individual hair strands are invisible while worn and soft to the touch. Our technology is gentle to the natural hair without compromising on performance. Your clientele will love their longer hair with Onstage Hair Extensions.

What makes Beaded Strands™ so unique?
On Stage Beaded Strands Hair Extensions are fixed in place with the help of Micro Links. Our unique Micro Links are small aluminum alloy rings with rounded edges. This makes it impossible for the Micro Links to cut or damage the natural hair unlike other “ring systems”. The inner diameter is only 1.5mm (0.059 inch!). The unique and yet simple application technique of On Stage Hair Extensions—in combination with the soft hair strand attachment—makes our extensions a breeze to install and extremely comfortable to wear. On Stage Hair Extensions come with…

  • 2 Densities: Single Plus and Double
  • 4 Hair Lengths: 10” / 14” / 18” / 22”
  • 1 Hair Texture: Natural Body
  • 54 colors

extended wear beaded topper

onstage beaded topper

Our Beaded Topper is a noninvasive hair integration system that offers instant volume and density at the crown area where extensions cannot be placed. It is ideal for clients with fine or thinning hair challenges on top of the head.

Our Beaded Topper service not only allows you to offer a more complete solution for clients already suffering, but also an add-on or up-sell opportunity and an entirely new profit center for your salon.

features at a glance

  • Threads with your natural hair to completely conceal the beads.
  • Unique injection molded stretchable silicone base.
  • Self molding to the shape of the head for a perfect fit.
  • Can withstand chemical treatments, e.g. coloring.
  • The silicone base has built in reinforced fixing points.
  • Reusable, wear for up to a year.
  • 100% hand tied.
  • 100% human hair.
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